Organic Medjool Dates

The Golden Date farms focus on growing organic medjool dates, with no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. Pest control is biological rather than chemical while weed control is done mechanically (electric sickle – Green Machine) and by grazing sheep in the groves. The groves meet international organic standards to enable export to Europe, USA, Canada and other countries.
Our Certifications are under the supervision of Skal, which is one of the certified members of Control Union Certifications – Global G.A.P.


Organic dates certification

The dates’ nutritional value

The Medjool date is widely known as a classical natural sweet for its nutritional value. It contains natural sugar while being low on fat and rich in minerals and nutritional fibers.

Medjool date in ripening stages

Medjool date in ripening stages

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Organic Medjool Dates from Israel